Our Work

Building Lighting for St Patricks Day

Control Tower DAA - Green

Purple Uplighers

Building Lighting

Building Lighting

Aviva Stadium pitch lighting

Engage18-Adare - Bar3

Engage18-Adare Mirror Balls

Tables with Floral arches

Engage18-Adare - Stage2

Bulb Sign and Back bar

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Designed and produced in the Gorilla Design Workshop

The Gorilla Design Workshop

Various Workshop projects. Designed and managed by Verve The Live Agency

Various Workshop projects

Designed and managed by Verve The Live Agency

Bulb Sign and Custom Bar

Bulb Sign with Chandelier

Bulb Sign


Designed and managed by Verve The Live Agency

Designed and managed by Verve The Live Agency

Engage Ireland at Adare Manor


Harvey Nichols Fashion Show

Look The Business Catwalk


Cutom Built Arches

Private Event

Oval Truss and Dressing

Top Table with Voile Backdrop

String light shades

Croke Park 2016

Spandex Shapes

Wedding in a Stable Block

Bavaria City Racing

Stage With Fairy Light Roof

Corporate Event

Spandex Sails

Swags Backdrop

Marquee Lighting

Bulb Star

Red Velour Austrian Drape

Lynch's Bar

Exhibition Draping and lighting

Engage18-Adare - Stage2

Room Dressing

Casement Fabric


Coloured Pipes!

Themed Event Set Building

Outdoor Lighting

Fashion Show - Drapes, Lighting & Stage

Show Lighting

Trade Show Stand

Before and After

Feature Wall

LED Screens

Set Building

Fashion Show Lighting

Fairy Light Back Drop

Drape install

Stage with Screens

Light Beams

Fairy Light Roof

Engage18-Adare - Stage