For our Kabuki systems,

we exclusively use Electo Kabuki

Simple to Operate

Your Kabuki drop couldn’t be simpler to operate. Press the Fire button and powerful magnets release the hooks, so your Electro Kabuki modules drop simultaneously. All of them. Every time. Or switch control to DMX for an automated release. Want a two-stage drop? No problem. Just fire circuit 1 and 2 EK modules separately.

Works Everytime

There’s nothing to get hung up about. Electro Kabuki uses clever electro-magnet technology and a unique hook design to make your reveal effect perfect. EK modules always activate first time, even with no load. Or drop up to 50Kg from each one. Now that’s heavyweight performance – and a load off your mind.

Easy to Rig

Your Kabuki drop couldn’t be easier to rig. Just attach the Electro Kabuki modules to a lighting rail or rig. Space them about a metre apart. Link them together with our easy colour-coded EK cabling. Connect up the firing box. Visually check the system status indicators. Switch to ‘Armed’ and you’re ready to go.

Fully Expandable

The Electro Kabuki system is designed to be completely expandable. Or contractible! Sometimes your reveal won’t need dozens of linked EK modules. Others will. And often you’ll want to rig more than one circuit for phased drops. Everything’s possible with EK.